Gym Memberships

New for 2013!  Bowen Sports Performance is providing access to its fitness facility during open gym times so our athletes can keep their functional core and strength training up during the fall and winter. We’re offering two tiers of membership with no initiation fee, no contract, just a simple, month-to-month membership!

Basic Gym Membership

$25 per month and includes use of facilities and all weight training equipment during open gym times.

Plus Gym Membership

$50 per month and includes use of facilities and all weight training equipment during open gym times plus 40 points on your Power Pass to use on classes, like our 30 Minute Core Class, Body Power + and Indoor Cycling Classes, or on services like a Recovery Boots session. (Points expire at the end of each month.)


Bowen Sports Performance has a wide range of equipment chosen for its effectiveness and efficiency in getting results. We have functional strength conditioning equipment including G-Flex, which uses your body weight as resistance, a cable machine, free weights, squat rack, bench press, dead lifts, assisted pull-ups, BOSU, stability balls, swiss balls, medicine balls and more. And our in-house coaches can show you proper technique.

We can also design a personal strength training program just for you. When you purchase a Gym Membership, you’ll have the option of paying a one-time charge of $40 for a personal strength program.

Current facility hours are listed below. Gym is open during these hours with the exception of times when it is being used for RPM Yoga, 30 Minute Core Classes and Body Power +. See a class calendar here. Otherwise, the gym is available to use during these hours:

Mondays: TBD
Tuesdays/Thursdays: TBD
Wednesdays:  TBD
Fridays:  TBD
Saturdays:  TBD

As we get more members, we will be able to increase hours of availability based on your feedback. In the meantime, we’re hoping you might stop in before, during or after a ride or run to get your strength workout in efficiently.

To sign up online, click here and choose “Memberships” from the drop-down menu. For more information, call us at 541.977.1321, or stop by to see how easily you can get a strength workout done at Bowen Sports Performance.

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