Body Power + (10 points)

Our Body Power + is a one-hour session designed by Bart to improve core strength, proprioceptive balance and power.
When done well, cyclocross can almost appear as ballet on a bicycle, with effortless eismounts, remounts and the body english used to ride tricky off-camber sections. However, the fluidity of a good cyclocross rider isn’t attributable to good technique alone, but also to control, which is a byproduct of strength.
With our Body Power + class we provide a workout that improves strength and power, with a control and awareness that you can’t get from a basic weightlifting routine or a cross fit class. This awareness is how good skiers “feel the snow,” for example. The goal is to make you strong with finesse, so that you’re agile on a ‘cross bike, on skis, or even on your feet while running a trail.
This challenging workout pays big dividends, and Body Power + classes are only 10 points on your Power Pass. Space is limited to six people, so be sure to reserve your spot in advance by signing up  online, or by calling us at 541.977.1321.

Body Power + Schedule

6 to 7 a.m. on MON
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