Power Pass

Our Power Pass is a virtual points card you can use to pay for any Powered by Bowen fitness class, service or product that we offer. Each of our classes and services has a points value, and when you sign up, the points are deducted from the balance on your Power Pass. We created the Power Pass to make it even easier to pop in for a class, and best of all, the more points you buy, the more they’re discounted.

100-point Power Pass is $100

200-point Power Pass is $180 (10% savings)

300-point Power Pass is $255 (15% savings)

400-point Power Pass is $320 (the best deal…a 20% savings!)


Our popular Indoor Cycling Classes are 15 points on your Power Pass. Our Body Power + is 10 points, and our 30-Minute Core and RPM Yoga classes are only 5 points each. The Power Pass makes it easy–and cost effective–to make the most of all the classes we offer at Powered by Bowen. Power Passes expire one year from the purchase date.

You can purchase your Power Pass online, or you can give us a call at 541.585.1500.



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