Bike Fitting

Are you tolerating discomfort, or even pain, while you ride? Many of our customers, after being properly fitted on their bicycles, realize an expert bike fit is a necessity rather than a luxury. After all, we invest in expensive cycling equipment hoping to enjoy our riding more, and a professional bike fit is just as important. We use state-of-the-art technology to analyze your current riding position and then make recommendations and adjustments based on many different metrics with one goal in mind: to get you comfortable, efficient and having fun on your bike again!

Using Retul 3D motion analysis, which records 30 samples per second, we’ll find your most efficient and comfortable riding position. Used by Chrisian Vande Velde and the entire Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda pro cycling team, Retul is the next frontier in real-time bicycle fit technology.

Our professional bike fits use video analysis as well as a full-body physiological assessment.

We’ve fit Olympians and pro cyclists from the Cannondale Factory Racing, Kona, Trek VW, and Saunier Douval teams. But we’ve also fit commuters, juniors, and recovering paraplegics. Everyone is different, but we all deserve to be comfortable and efficient on our bike.

A Bowen Sports Performance bike fit begins with a complete body assessment, where we carefully consider flexibility, strength, body discrepancies, and previous injuries. Many problems we’re able to diagnose during this stage of the fit, like forefoot varus, may explain pain experienced on the bike, and help us provide a solution.

Next we use Dartfish video analysis and Retül motion-capture technology to provide real time 3D positioning as you pedal. With Retül recording 30 body position readings per second, our trained fitter will create a position on the bike for you that balances your biomechanics, flexibility, and cycling goals.

Now in your ideal position, we use computerized software to examine your pedal stroke. By analyzing cadence and pedal force distribution we can prescribe drills to help you become a more efficient cyclist.

Adjustments we specifically target include (but are not limited to):

Using Retul state-of-the-art technology, we provide precise measurements and analysis for our professional bike fits.

  • Biomechanical Asymetries
  • Seat Angle
  • Seat Height
  • Pedal/Shoe Alignment
  • Seat Fore/Aft Position
  • Handlebar Reach
  • Handlebar Height
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