Physiological Testing

Physiological Testing for Competitive Athletes (Lactate Threshold):
Ironman, local criterium series, or the Olympics, whatever your goals, lactate testing is a crucial first step for any athlete. Lactate, a by-product of glycogen metabolism, accumulates in the blood when muscles shift from fat metabolism to glycogen (sugar) metabolism. All sound training programs are anchored to lactate threshold power or heart rate, not maximum heart rate. We strongly encourage this test to any athlete embarking on a training program and retesting as fitness progresses. For cyclist we monitor heart rate, wattage, and lactate throughout a ramp test performed on an ergometer. Runners perform a ramp test while we evaluate heart rate, pace, and blood lactate. After reviewing the test data a coach will define training zones, outline your strengths and weaknesses, and answer any questions you might have. This test can be modified for Nordic skiers. Email us today to get started!

Weight Management:
Want to get fit? At your lactate threshold your muscles switch from fat metabolism to sugar (glycogen) metabolism. Exercising too far below your threshold results in reduced caloric expenditure while exercising above threshold leads to rapid muscle fatigue and glycogen, not fat, metabolism. By analyzing blood lactate throughout the test our coaches can provide an exact heart rate that maximizes fat calories burned. This simple 45 minute test is performed on your preferred exercise method, either walking, jogging, or cycling. Email us today to get started!

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