About Us

For Bart Bowen, the transition from successful professional athlete to coach was effortless and natural.

“As an athlete, my goal has always been to push myself to attain the highest level of performance possible, and translate that into results, both on and off the bike,” says Bart. “Along the way, I have discovered there are many components to success, some of which I stumbled upon. It is my goal and vision to create a hub that offers each individual the tools to maximize the potential of their inner athlete.”

A coach since 2000, Bart was inspired to start coaching by realizing there were key people during his professional career whose support and advice helped elevate him to  new levels of performance. “It was pretty amazing,” he says gratefully.

Bart started Powered by Bowen Sports Performance in 2008 with the purpose of providing a multi-facted training facility that would address all the components needed for excellent athletic performance.

Bart brings a scientific approach to coaching and also to biomechanics, using the state-of-the-art Retul technology to precisely fit riders to their bikes.

He firmly believes everyone–and every body–has an inner athlete, and Bart delights in helping those most skeptical of that belief find theirs.



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