Easy Nutrition for Long Workouts with Carbo-Pro

We now carry Carbo-Pro at Powered by Bowen. We love Carbo-Pro for its ease-of-use and effectiveness in delivering carbs during a long workout or race without having to open a packet or chew something. Carbo-Pro is flavorless and mixes easily with any sports drink, or even water, to deliver 28 grams of carbohydrates per ounce.

Additionally, Carbo-Pro is formulated to be easily digested without gastric distress, and doesn’t pull fluids into the gut, which can lead to dehydration. ¬†Carbo-Pro is a great way to refuel during a long ride or run, and for athletes who have a difficult time eating properly before their race, it can be used to boost energy preemptively. It can also be used as a recovery drink.

We carry two-pound bags of Carbo-Pro for $22.

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